About Us

Atrix Universe was conceived in Indian Rocks Beach Florida during the dark times of 2020's COVID-19 Government mandated shutdown of the Entertainment Industry and live events.

Created by NICKNAMEnofame and Dragon Fly. Our collective vision is to create and support the creative like minded communities of underground across all borders. Our brand AtrixU is based on a love for skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, skim boarding, base jumpers ad wing suit-fliers and other extreme sports alike. However, this brand is not only for the extreme sports realm as that is a minor part of the entire community. This brand is for DJ's, Rappers, Rockers, Graffiti Artists B-Boy dancers and so many more avenues of the lifestyle.

Atrix Universe is for artists created by artists. This original brand is a result of thinking out-side of the box. This is for those who also think out of the box or simply for those who like it.

Atrix Universe is for the fearless and for those who want to conquer their fears. We want to be a part of the animation within you during the processes of this beautiful youth we have.

Some people do not understand these arts. Their minds were conformed differently. Even though the graffiti is on the walls, the music in their ears and the dare devils in their eyes.

We are not looking to be understood. We love working in the shadows and amongst the conformity. Acceptance is not our modus operandi. We want all who love the Atrix Universe to stand out in the crowd like a beacon of hope to the depraved ones. People like us here and you reading this will help open the doors of other's minds that have been sealed shut by institutions, weak friends and parents.

Our designs are rough and raw like a city street and beautiful like a pristine snowy mountain. No hold's barred in our attempts to continue the lively adventure in other peoples spirit as Government slowly attempts to suffocate the youth and creative spark in us all.

Weather or not you participate in any of these activities but enjoy and support those who do, this brand is for you too.

Keep the Spirit Alive!

From The Creators of Atrix Universe, NICKNAMEnofame and Dragon Fly.

This Brand is for You!